Picture_ATMConsultantVito Mazzarino is a former owner of ATM Global in Los Angeles with 9 years of experience dating back to 2000.  Mazzarino worked part-time in the family run enterprise for the first few years, before taking over ownership and control of day-to-day operations in 2005.  Based in one of the most heavily saturated and competitive markets in the entire country, Mazzarino built a thriving and highly profitable ATM business.

In the early days, ATM Global struggled to grow.  But, after experimenting with many different marketing tactics and spending tens of thousands of dollars, Mazzarino helped  Global to find a winning growth strategy.  After trimming the fat by eliminating failed marketing efforts and curtailing operational inefficiencies, Mazzarino streamlined the business into a lean profit producing machine.  The company grew steadily and flourished under Mazzarino and continues to prosper today under its new owners.  By 2009, upon selling the business, Mazzarino had grown the company at a rate of %50 per annum, overall more than tripling  sales from 2005.

Mazzarino has thousands of hours of experience in all aspects of the private ATM business: sales, administration, marketing, accounting, installations, repairs, cash loading, and business development.  After a year hiatus from the industry, Mazzarino has re-entered the industry offering consulting expertise for ATM startups as well as existing ATM owners looking to improve operational efficiencies and achieve growth.

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