Screen Graphics for Your ATM

By Vito | June 28, 2010

Branding is a fundamental part of business which adds credibility and identity to your product. Though privately owned ATM’s are often viewed as an afterthought by a typical customer using your ATM, there is value to projecting your company’s brand through your ATM machines. Considering that doing so is virtually free, branding your machine by adding a custom screen graphic is a no-brainer.

Even some of the earliest ATM’s (i.e. Cross-Minibank 1000) allowed for limited screen graphics. Of course, today’s machines are much more sophisticated and far simpler to program and operate, making adding a custom screen graphic a very simple operation. As you can see above, a custom screen graphic simply states basic company information and let’s your customers know, as they are withdrawing money, whose ATM they are using.

This graphic was used on the Nautilus Hyosung 1800 series machines, and was quite simple to add. Of course, it’s best to consult the machine’s operating manual for any given model, but importing these graphics has become a much easier operation than in the past (i.e. the forerunner to the 1800 series was the old 1500 series, which involved a more complicated process for installing graphics). Often your only added expense will be an additional cable connecting to a laptop computer, and paying a professional designer a one time fee for designing the graphics. After spending about $100, you’ll then be equipped to install the graphic on any of your new machines. Pretty cheap advertising if you ask me.

Aside from informing those withdrawing cash that you exist and are a legitimate operation by adding a professional graphic, you may receive the odd phone call from a potential new customer wanting an ATM in their business who has taken note of your company’s information from the screen graphic. In any business, it’s wise to accumulate as much exposure for as cheap as possible. And if a $100 investment captures a couple new customers, that’s an investment I’d pay for time and time again without hesitation.

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