The Importance of Outdoor ATM Signage

By Vito | May 18, 2010

Even though we all like to keep our costs low, no matter what type of business you’re running, you should definitely invest a bit of money on signage for your ATM’s.  One of the main reasons for outdoor signage is to draw in customers who otherwise might not be aware that there is an ATM inside.  This is especially important on busy walking zones where there might be lots of other ATM’s.  If patrons don’t know there is an ATM within your particular location, you can rest assured they will go to a competitor’s location where they see a sign.

Neon Window Sign

Admittedly signs are not a good idea for every location.  For instance, if you have an ATM at a gentleman’s club you probably don’t need to waste the money.  Most patrons will assume there is an ATM inside such an establishment, therefore one way or another they’ll stumble across the ATM.  In addition, such locations may simply not want a sign outside, as they are really not looking to draw customers inside just to use the ATM.  A hotel is likely another such location.  Certainly they want their own patrons to be aware of the ATM, but there aren’t many hotels that want non-guests to come inside just to use their ATM.

But, as we know, for the countless convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, bars, and other typical establishments that benefit from an ATM, advertising the ATM is both a boon for the ATM operator and the location owner.  So, how much signage do you need?  Well, no doubt that is subjective, but I often prefer to make the signage visible from as many different directions as is necessary to catch people’s eyes.  Sometimes this simply means putting one neon sign in the window in front of the store, especially if the store has a parking lot.

I prefer customizing the neon signs so that your company name and/or website URL is visible.  Branding your signs like this can really be beneficial to picking up new customers, as I we picked up numerous customers that way in the past.  Ultimately since we ordered these signs in bulk, we were able to pay about $100/sign.  This can add up, but the customized signs are a worthwhile investment

There are occasions when it can be beneficial to add an additional sign, such as a pole sign.  Pole signs are especially good for foot traffic that would be walking by the store but might not look directly at the store.  These signs can be attached to stucco quite easily.  Simply have your hammer drill and concrete bits handy, and use blue concrete screws to affix to the wall.  The nice thing about these is that they usually only cost about $35 apiece, so if you’re debating about the pole sign as a secondary sign it’s not too costly throw one up.

Remember, without signage you will miss out on customers using your ATM.  Although signage costs a little money up front, it pays for itself in the long run.

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