Some Handy ATM Cleaning Supplies

By Vito | February 15, 2011

You can never keep your ATM too clean, after all any investment worth several thousand dollars is well worth protecting. So, I discussed a few cleaning tips in another blog “Clean ATM, Clean Image”, but there are additional steps you can take to keep your ATM’s clean.

One of the biggest problems I experienced MB 1500 (and fortunately it was really the only complaint I had about the particular model which worked great otherwise) was the card reader. The dip style card readers went out often on the models I owned, much to my chagrin. So, after experiencing several malfunctions and having to replace many, I decided to take additional measures in attempting to thwart further problems. I came across a client who was still using an old Triton 9600 who gave me some nifty dip reader card cleaners. After a certain point I carried these around and tried to keep my ATMs’ card readers as clean as possible. I honestly can’t say whether it made a monumental difference or not, but at least I knew I felt better about handling the delicate readers with extra care by cleaning them from time to time. The cleaners are cheap, so if you are experiencingdifficulties with readers you have little to lose by trying them out.

Another handy cleaning tool is canned air. There are tons of different brands and types, so it makes no difference which¬†you buy. These I didn’t use as often, and I’d certainly be careful to not use them close to the main motherboard or dispenser motherboard (though you may at your own risk), but it came in handy for cleaning out spider webs, dust, and other particles that make there way on and into the ATM unit. A simple can do the trick, but the canned air was also nice because it seemed quicker and more convenient at times.

Regardless, your ATM machines are an investment, and like any investment, they can use their share of cleaning from time to time.

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