ATM Wraps: A Good Idea

By Vito | December 6, 2010

Want to endear yourself to your customers? The illustration below is one way of doing that. In my recent visit to New York city I observed no shortage of ATM”s in the shops and bodegas of Manhattan. As you can see, this particular Hantle 1700 ATM is wrapped with the branding of Dunkin’ Donuts. The ATM looked to be operated by an outside vendor, meaning that Dunkin’ Donuts made an arrangement with the operator to wrap this machine up.

From what I’ve been told, these wraps cost approximately $300. We all know that most ATM’s aren’t the prettiest thing to look at, so this could be a great throw-in if your customer isn’t happy with the look of the machine and has any desire to project any additional branding for his business.

An additional approach is to brand machines with your own logos and company name to give your own company additional exposure. I do not have a picture here, but I have seen such machines in different regions of Canada quite often. Why this practice has not caught on as strongly down here in the U.S. I’m unsure of. What I do know is that as one can imagine, the name of the particular companies whose branding I saw stuck in my mind more prominently.

In any business there is no such thing as too much exposure, and for a small price there’s every incentive in the world to brand your business as much as possible. ¬†Certainly the costs will add up, the wraps are not free, however the wraps lend themselves to a more professional look and renders your company image more strongly in the eyes of not only potential new ATM sites, but to the clients who become reliant on withdrawing from machines with your brand. ¬†As long as the proprietor of the business has no objections, any ATM operator should seize the chance to brand their business as much as possible.

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  1. Daniel
    1:57 am on January 31st, 2011

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