One of My Favorite ATM Locations: Sports Bars

By Vito | May 6, 2010

One of my favorite types of establishment to place an ATM are sports bars. Why? Well, we can all imagine what it’s like being in a bar, a little tipsy, and needing cash. When we’re drinking we’re focused on enjoying ourselves, talking to singles, fraternizing with our friends, and just having a good time. And if we’re drinking at a bar, the last thing on our minds, when we need cash, is hopping in our car to drive and get more. In fact, at that point in time we’re more apt than ever to pass off the ATM fee, however large it may be, as a “cost of doing business.”

Sports Bar ImageAn additional benefit of placing an ATM at a sports bar is that the patrons have yet another distraction, which is following their team and routing them on. Add all these factors in, you have a very “ATM friendly” crowd, one that will use the ATM over and over, regardless of the fee, without thinking twice. So, naturally ATM operators have an opportunity here to charge a little bit more money. Instead of charging $2/transactions, there is little difficulty with charging $3/transaction. Obviously, this means higher profits.

Another advantage at sports bars it that in contrast to “trendy” bars or nightclubs, which only get packed on the weekends and at night, sports bars can find themselves on any given day and at any given time. Major Leage Baseball is often played even during the week at noon or 1pm, often attracting moderate crowds. And we all know that we can catch just about any major sport on any given night of the week, including hockey, basketball, baseball, and even occasional mid-week football.

So, if you you have sports bars in town, and they don’t already have an ATM, these are great establishments to be in. Americans society is addicted to sports, that’s why sports bars have become more and more popular. Compared to a gas station or a convenience store, they also tend to be safer places to load cash. The fans are so fixated on the TV screens they hardly even notice you’re there carrying thousands of dollars in cash.

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